Radio Sabawoon is a regional media network with coverage in five provinces in the southern and western Afghanistan. It produces and broadcasts timely, quality, and unbiased contents. While the expansion to Afghanistan’s regions is a new development, our story dates back to almost two decades ago. In early 2004, as media was just emerging as a new and nascent sector in Afghanistan’s major cities, the embattled and impoverished province of Helmand in southern Afghanistan gave birth to the Sabawoon Radio; a first-ever privately owned media institution in southern Afghanistan. Sabawoon struggled, persevered, learned, improved, expended, and stood the test of time in the face of increased insecurity and shrinking civic space. Sabawoon presented people of Helmand and other southern provinces with timely and unbiased access to news, information, and entertainment. The radio gave people a voice, empowered them to hold the government accountable, and enabled them to promote and consolidate Afghanistan’s single most important achievement: a free and independent media sector.

Radio Sabawoon contributed to the training of a cadre of committed and capable young media professionals in the region thanks to the significant investment of the Radio in the professional development of the media professionals in the region. Some of its trainees and former staff now serve national and international media agencies, including the BBC and TOLO.

The story of Radio Sabawoon is one of growth and expansion while adhering to its principles of quality, timely and unbiased news and information. In 2008, Radio Sabawoon expanded and launched Muska, a woman-focused, and women-led radio station, responding to a pressing and important need of women in Afghanistan’s most conservative region. A bold and risky move for Sabawoon management, which did pay off. Muska has been a media and women success story in the region since then. Our journey toward growth and development didn’t stop there. Launch of the Sabawoon TV in 2012 marked another major milestone in the lives of the Sabawoon radio and the media scene in Afghanistan’s southern region.

We now produce and broadcast news, information, and entertainment in Herat, Farah, Zabul, Uruzgan, and Helmand provinces. We aspire to remain a credible, trusted, and relevant media outlet in the region, grow in size, capacity, and coverage, and continue to strengthen Afghanistan’s nascent yet vibrant and vocal media sector.


– A trusted source for timely and unbiased news, information and entertainment


– Amplify people’s voice for a united, democratic and inclusive Afghanistan

Staff and Professionalism

Sabawoon Radio intends to engage and gain undisputed expertise in the production and broadcasting of public services programs oriented towards informing and educating the public and promoting peace, democracy, rule of law, and justice. staff is the cornerstone of any business, our team is a group of young and committed professionals, known for their depth of knowledge and experience.

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